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About Us

We have always promised you to provide everything new. We started with you ten years ago and we will continue and develop  to thanks to you , and because we know the difficulty of travel and the expenses that may cost you to obtain various products (clothes, electronics, makeup, original brands, etc.) and the difficulty of finding reliable companies, so we have renewed our services. And developing our own application to deserve your trust and always provide the best, cheapest and fastest

You can now shop and buy everything you want from various international sites. We started with you from Turkey, and now, thanks to you and your support, you can order all the products available on all sites and the following countries: Germany (the European Union), the United States of America, and Britain, and we did not forget to provide the shopping service from China.All Amazon and Shein products (from all countries including Germany, Turkey, Britain, and China) are now available to you. All you have to do is send the links to the products you want to get.

Pelemall always strives to provide an enjoyable shopping experience, and we have developed our services and provide many other services at reasonable delivery prices. You can always call and inquire about what you want to buy, and we will be happy to answer and provide assistance at all times.

We are here thanks to you and your constant support, and we will always provide the best prices and the best services and we will be trustworthy.