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Cast Iron 28 Cm Frying Pan with Metal Handle Lvecoytv28 Fma05045 2016ST023123228554152

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  • Lava Cast Iron 28 Cm Round Frying Pan with Metal Handle It is a product of LVECOYTV28 Cooking and ECO Series Easy to clean It is environmentally friendly Can be used in all stoves and ovens Can not be used in microwave oven It cooks deliciously Maintains nutritional values ​​Keeps heat hot and cold cold External Dimensions: W=32.5 cm L=46.4 cm H=6.1 cm Internal Dimensions: Ø=28 cm H=4.7 cm Volume: 2.30 Liter Portion: Weight for 2-3 Persons (kg): 2.74 Kg 1 layer of enamel coating It has 1 layer of baking. It is sent in its original box. Our product is extremely natural, healthy and durable. It is produced for you to make delicious meals.