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Fenny beauty Book Break Reading Lamp Led Illuminated Night Book Reading Lamp Bracket FB-2036849-1014

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  • Led Illuminated Book Reading Lamp Led Glass Panel Book Reading Night Light Illuminated Bookmark Bookshelf Read your book at any time without disturbing anyone, concentrate better on the book! Full and clear view thanks to the thin LED-illuminated transparent plexiglass that fits directly between the books! Eye-friendly as it transmits light evenly onto the page! At home, in the car, on the bus, in the tent, on vacation! Moreover, it works with a thin battery that you can easily find everywhere, and thanks to LED technology, it can be used for long hours with pleasure! A completely different way to read books! in dark places or other
  • It is now very easy to read a book in situations where it may be disturbed by the light. Place the reading light on your page and read your book without disturbing anyone. Product Features: Thanks to LED technology, it illuminates the entire page you are reading. Compatible with all kinds of books, suitable for carrying with its portable structure, 50 hours of illumination with 3 eye-friendly AAA batteries, as it transmits the light equally on the page. (Batteries are not included in the package.) Product Dimensions: 14.8 cm x 17.6 cm Weight: 105 gr Package Contents: 1 pcs Reading Light Between Books