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Black Women's Stone Pleated Leather Transparent Heeled Slippers - Black Leather - 36 BA04009

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  • Bulut Shoes Women's Stone Pleated Evening Dress Daily Transparent Heeled Slippers -Brand: cloudayakkabicilik. -Mensei: Turkey -Model: Walking & Anotomic and Daily Evening Slippers -Season: Summer-Winter-Seasonless -Material: Satin-Artificial Leather -Outer Material: Artificial Leather- Textile -Inner Material: Sunideri -Tie Type: -Heel Height: 8 Cm -Front Base Platform Height: Cm -Sole Information: Ready Base -Mold Information: Standard Mold -Detail: -It has a WALKING structure that provides a comfortable use. -Soft insole for comfortable use. -Easy wearable collar pads, -Abrasion resistant Ready-made Sole with multi-directional grip. Outlet Store : Bulut Shoes