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Newish Polo Adelina Men's Black Leather Steel Case Hand and Shoulder Bag and Mechanism Card Holder Wallet Medium Size ADL05926

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  • Men's Black Leather Steel Cased Hand and Shoulder Bag and Mechanized Card Holder Wallet Set. You can send us your gift package requests. It is sent in two parts. Our bag is medium size. While creating your orders, you can examine the suitability of the product dimensions for you. Product dimensions: Height 22 cm, Width 18 cm, Depth 12 cm.
  • Cased Men's Hand and Shoulder Bag. Made from premium vegan leather. It has 6 zippered compartments in total. Due to its steel casing, there is no wear, creep or sagging. It is a bag that you can use for many years and safely carry your belongings. It has an adjustable shoulder strap. It can be removed and installed optionally. Strap length is adjustable. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it is an easy and practical bag. Suitable for Daily Use. It is steel cased. It is produced in accordance with TSE standards. First quality metal accessories are used. It is resistant to heat, water and dirt. Metal accessories do not tarnish. The photos were taken in our studios.
  • Wallet dimensions: 7x10 cm. It takes 5 Cards in the Aluminum Mechanism Sled. In our product, there is 1 Driver's License and ID Card Compartment with Tooth Window, 1 Inner Paper Money Compartment. It is made of vegan leather with first-class workmanship.