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Girl's Floral Patterned Design Swimwear M2124 1968

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  • The product consists of 2 parts as tights and tunic. Fabric 85% Polyester, 15% Lycra Dimensions of the product in the picture: Size: 7 years old, Height: 55 cm, Bust: 61 cm, Waist: 64 cm, Hips: 62 cm It is not affected by chlorine and salt water. Water repellent finish. It has a fabric specially produced for swimwear with its non-weight-bearing, long-term durability and wrinkle-free feature. It provides ease of swimming thanks to the lycra it contains. The fabrics used have been approved by European standards for durability and ecological tests in laboratories and it has been determined that it does not contain substances that may harm human health.