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Unisex Beach Sandals Non-Slip Sole Multi-Purpose Stylish Beach Swimming Sea Pool Rafting Booties 150 PRA-5928293-270421

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  • Our product is full mold. You can order your shoe size.
  • The foot length of our product number 37 is 24 cm. Each number also changes 0.5 cm in length.
  • It can be used as Sandals and Shoes.
  • The transparent material used has been molded in a quality manner. No tearing or puncture under suitable conditions.
  • It serves to protect the feet from external factors in areas such as the beach, sea, pool and beach.
  • Stylish and comfortable products
  • Available in our store with and without glitter.
  • Thanks to its non-slip base structure, it helps to eliminate the risk of slipping and falling.
  • Our lightweight design, flexible materials, durable outsoles offer the ideal balance of protection and comfort.
  • Besides swimming, they can be used as water shoes for boating, rowing and many more water sports and activities.
  • Your orders are delivered to cargo on the same day.