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Ecru Colored Zebra Curtain With Or Without Skirt Narrow Pleat

54,750 ID $36.47
Location: (Delivery Time: 10 days - 15 days)


* Product Name: Narrow Pleated Zebra Curtain
* Product Code: DP-02
* Product Color : Ecru
* It can be made with or without a skirt.
* This product will be sent as Skirted, Right Sided and Ecru color unless different requests are submitted.
* Sample
* 1st Quality Aluminum Case, Fabric and Plastic Materials are used in all our products.
* Our products are 100% original and are sent as invoiced.
* Our Zebra Curtains Have Light Transmittance of 30%. It does not darken the environment it is in and prevents the inside from being seen from the outside.
* The products used in our products are Child Locked.