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Mach3 Replacement Razor Blades 12 in 3014260323240

30,750 ID $27.29 $24.46

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  • 100% original
  • Discover Gillette's high-performance razor
  • With a sharper blade than a surgeon, Mach3 lets you shave more closely with a single movement
  • A reliable choice, Mach3 provides men from all over the world with a good start to the day
  • The blades of the Mach3 are mounted in dedicated housings to adapt to different shaving pressures and skin types
  • Lubricant tape emits water-soluble lubricants to increase lubricity
  • Also, when you start to get the best performance from your razor blade, the color turns white.
  • Skin microtubers are available to help skin tighten before contact with the first blade
  • # Special Product