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Hobby Candle Set Big 5339

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  • Hobi candle set large 2 kilo paraffin (does not require stearin) 5 pieces 5 gr white, red, blue, yellow, 5 pieces 10 cc fragrance (vanilla, lavender, oceanic lemon, lemon) 4 meters 12 no wick 4 meters 14 no wick 4 pcs 16 no wick 10 wick holder 10 waxed wick 10 wick balancing apparatus How to make a candle at home? Melt the solid paraffin in a bowl over low heat. Do not leave paraffin unattended in the fire iron. Mix until it becomes liquid, optionally you can add crayon as a colorant. Do not forget to add essence along with the colorant. Because when you light the scented candle, it will cause a wonderful fragrance. What kind of container should the candle made at home be placed in? If you want to create this candle in a glass or metal container or even a different style,