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Edge Protector Rubber Black

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* Miny Baby Edge Protector Features Color: Black Dimensions: Roll length: 2 Meters Edge width outside: 2.30 cm Edge width: 1.5 cm inside. It is made of natural rubber and does not contain toxic substances.
* It is in roll form.
* Can be used for flat, round or oval shaped edges.
* Use of .
* The surface to be bonded must be wet cleaned and dried completely before bonding.
* 2 ready-to-use, 3M double-sided adhesive tapes are available in the package.
* Take out the first of the adhesive tapes and stick them on the inner surfaces of the product.
* Then, remove the paper on the other side of the adhesive tapes for the floor you are going to stick.
* Remove and stick to the floor starting from one end and apply the bonding to the other.
* After bonding, 30 sec. apply enough pressure and do not use for 24 hours.