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Excellence Intense Hair Color 4.60 Fire Red

12,750 ID $11.32 $8.51
Location: (Delivery Time: 10 days - 15 days)


* # Special Product Intense shimmer rich colors.
* Visible color result even on dark hair.
* 100% white coverage. Long-lasting colors.
* Shiny, soft and strong hair with unique triple care.
* Excellence Intense Cream Paint provides 100% white coverage, applying the colors you want even on dark hair, resulting in long-lasting intense and rich color
* Protects, renews and strengthens the hair with its Perfect Triple Care formula.
* While the hair is smooth and silky soft, it gains an eye-catching shine.
* Apply Pre-Dye Protective Serum all over your hair.
* Pour Hair Dye Cream into Oxidant Cream bottle and shake well after capping.
* Apply to your hair.