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Granite Flat Pot 20 cm

45,500 ID $30.32
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* Granite flat pot, which will allow you to cook dishes with the most beautiful shade of red, allows you to cook dozens of dishes, especially rice, in a practical way with its 20 cm size.
Granite pots that are resistant to scratches and flames,
* It is frequently preferred as it can also be washed in the dishwasher.
* Thanks to the steam hole in the glass cover, the 20 cm granite flat pan, which makes your rice cook more delicious, allows the meals to benefit from steam thanks to its honeycomb texture.
* Bakelite handles that do not heat make kitchen chefs easier.
* Honeycomb texture (more delicious food),
Bakelite handles with color and no heating problem
* 3 layers of PTFE fireproof non-stick material,
* Glass cover with steam hole
* 600 degree resistant enamel,