Marble 7 Piece Golden Pink Granite Set

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* Emsan Marble 7 Pieces Golden Pink Granite Set Content 20 cm Sahan 1 Liter
* 20 cm Saucepan 2.7 Liter
* 26 cm Pan 2.2 Liter
* 26 cm Low Casserole 3,4 Liter
* Oven Tray (30 cm x 25 cm)
* Material: Granite Coating Features It is a granite-looking coating with enhanced anti-scratch resistance with titanium support and superior non-stick feature.
* It is recommended to hand wash with a soft sponge and non-harsh detergent after each use and dry thoroughly after washing.
* It is recommended to use wooden or plastic service tools instead of metal to extend the service life of the non-flammable surface.
* It should not be left on fire without oil or water for a long time.