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Child Protection Cabinet Lock Interlock - 6 Pieces - Baby Safety Lock

15,750 ID $13.73 $10.48

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* Child Protection Cabinet Lock with 2
* With the Child Protection Lock 6-Piece Cabinet and Drawer, it is ensured that children cannot reach the cabinet doors you do not want and are protected from danger.
* 6-Piece Cabinet and Drawer Child Protection Lock that prevents injuries and protects from dangers when opening the cabinet doors of your children.
* With the cabinet lock, you can lock your cabinets and protect your children against possible accidents.
* You can protect your cabinets from drawers or cabinets by locking them in order to prevent accidents to your children who may misbehave while dealing with housework.
* With the drawer lock, you will not be left behind.
* It is possible to provide a safer and accident-free environment for your children by sticking them to furniture such as cupboards, refrigerators, and washing machines.
* Thanks to the child lock, you can ensure the safety of your children without following them.
* You can place the protective lock wherever you can see it as dangerous.