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Double Mechanism Dirty White Tulle Curtain And Ecru Roller Blind Stb1093

45,750 ID $36.29 $30.47
Location: (Delivery Time: 10 days - 15 days)


* Made of original high quality fabric
* Easy ceiling and crown mounting parts come out of the box of the product.
* There is no L piece for wall mounting
* Original high quality, stain-resistant, sun-resistant fabric Child lock gift You can choose 20cm more curtains than the window width when buying a curtain size.
* For example, if your window is 100cm, choose a 120X200 curtain.
* If the zebra curtain you will install is more than 10 cm from the left and right of your window, you will completely close the view from the outside.
* The dimensions you choose are in width and length.
* For example, when you choose 120X200, a 120cm wide and 200cm high zebra curtain is sent.
* 120cm is the case width
* The curtain is 4cm shorter than the frame