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Biogranit Antique Rose 7 Piece Cookware Set

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* Karaca Biogranit Antique Rose 7 Piece Cookware Content 18 cm Deep Saucepan
* 22 cm Deep Pot
* 26 cm Low Casserole
* 26 cm Pan
* Material: Bio Granite Did You Know? Granite raw material produced in Switzerland is sold all over the world under the brand name KARACA. Why Biogranit? It is healthy. It is an advanced technology product.
* The materials used in production are certified, they do not contain any harmful substances.
* It is extremely resistant to scratches with its granite-like reinforced surface.
* It is stain-proof and easy to clean due to its maximum fireproof and non-stick feature.
* It is resistant up to 7 times against scratches compared to its equivalents.
* Features Stain-free outer surface,