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Lite Way 3 Top Cane Stroller - Navy Blue

404,750 ID $484.89 $269.89
Location: (Delivery Time: 10 days - 15 days)


* allows you to move agile, also ideal on narrow city roads
* FUNCTIONAL: The new Lite Way has a wide range of use, can be used from birth up to 22 kg
* With a weight of only 7.5 kg, Lite way is a very light stroller, it is easy to drive and very agile thanks to its front wheels. With Lite Way, overcoming the obstacles of the city is an easy walk!
* Extra-wide awning that can be extended to 3 different positions, designed to protect your child from the sun and bad weather, so you can enjoy your walks in all seasons
* Liteway with umbrella-type closing system, very compact when closed
* The backrest can be fully folded with one hand, so the stroller can be used from birth and your baby can sleep comfortably in it
* CHIC AND ELEGANT: With the sophisticated eco leather fabric on the front bar and footrest, the stroller is more stylish!
* Seat and awning have stylish stitches