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- Natural Tree Pattern Wooden Bed Barrier 80x45

30,750 ID $20.55
Location: (Delivery Time: 10 days - 15 days)


* Agubugu Baby - Wooden Bed Barrier - Tree Textured
* You will be able to use the wooden bed barrier, which we have prepared for your children to sleep safely in their beds, by fitting it to the edge of the bed without any assembly.
* It is a product that you can easily remove and store this 2 cm thick barrier whenever you wish.
* You can use the iron connection apparatus of our bed barrier on the edge of the bed (Base, Bunk, Bedstead, etc.).
* Does not require assembly.
* You can choose your different measurement you want.
* When you fit the metal connection apparatus to the edge of your bed, you can tighten the screw of the connection iron one or two turns to make it more durable and tight.
* Made of high quality MDF LAM.
* It has Wood Texture.
* Our barrier reaches the total height with our metal connection apparatus.