Galaxy J7 - J7 2015 - J 700 - J 700f Battery Battery 3000 Mah

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* Fits your Samsung j7 - J7 2015 - J 700 - J700 f.
* In order for your battery to be long-lasting, charge its first charge with the original charger compatible with your device for 12 hours after the existing factory charge is finished.
* Charge your battery up to 2% 3% in the first 5 charges.
* While your device is on charge
* Do not play games, make conversations or listen to music with your device.
* This process will ensure your battery to be long-lasting.
* Charge with the original charger as much as possible.
* Do not charge via usb / pc and car charger.
* When you connect your device to the charger, unplug it from the charge after it is 100% charged. When it is left on charge for a long time, the life of your battery will be shortened.