Silver Bengü Deep Steel Pot 28 cm

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* There is no juicy food that you cannot cook with a 28 cm deep steel pan.
* You can cook all dishes from classic Turkish dishes to new recipes with crown bengü.
* Thanks to its quality stainless surface, the steel pots that will keep their place in your kitchen for many years increase the taste of your meals with their steam-perforated glass cover.
* Cookware dishes, which offer a wide range of dishes from dried beans to vegetable kebab with meat, from lamb shish with vegetables, to kebab kebab, are cooked with Crown Bengü!
* Material: Steel, size: 28 cm,
* Base: Capsule base surface: 18/10 quality stainless surface,
* Handles: Colorful and quality handles
* Cooker compatibility: Induction cooker compatible,
* Cover: Glass cover with steam hole