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Smart Wifi Baby Camera

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* Invidyo is the world's smartest baby monitor, thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms developed entirely by Turkish engineers.
* Invidyo is used in more than 40 countries of the world, mainly in Europe and America.
* Even if you cannot be with your baby, you will not be left behind thanks to İnvidyo's smart features.
* Face Recognition: You can easily teach familiar faces (mother, father, baby, caregiver, etc.) in your home to the İnvidyo artificial intelligence algorithm.
* Thanks to İnvidyo smart summary, you can watch the most important moments during the day quickly and easily.
* Artificial Intelligence Based Laugh Detection: Automatically detects the moments when your baby laughs and sends you photos of those moments.
* You can turn these photos into a laugh album and download or share them whenever you want.
* Crying Detection and Smart Alarms: Thanks to its smart algorithms, Invidyo distinguishes baby cries from other loud sounds in your home and records relevant moments.
* Inviyo also detects sudden changes in human face, movement or room temperature, records and sends you mobile notifications.
* Over WI-FI or Wired Connection Option: You can connect the Invidyo camera to the modem in your home wirelessly or wired via WI-FI.