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Baby Teddy Bear Embroidered 11-Piece Hospital Newborn Newborn Bodysuit Set

24,500 ID $23.17 $16.54

Location: (Delivery Time: 10 days - 15 days)


* Our products are made of 100 percent cotton yarn.
* Does not sweat, fits comfortably on your child's body thanks to its fine workmanship.
* It is flexible, allows your baby to move comfortably.
* Its fabric is of good quality, it does not sag.
* Fabrics that do not contain carcinogenic substances so that you can dress your baby and child with peace of mind.
The quality of weaving, printing, embroidery and accessories is at the highest level.
* It is produced in a way that will not harm your baby's sensitive skin.
* The soft texture of the product provides your baby with maximum ease of use and comfort.
* Contents: Blanket, top bodysuit, underwire, overcoat, hat, gloves, apron, handkerchief, short sleeve bodysuit, sleeveless undershirt, underpants. 11 pieces in total.