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Gastronomıe Granite Flat Pot 24 cm Cream

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* Nature is important in our life
* Based on this idea and in order to protect the nature, this very special series, which is produced from recycled paper, even the packaging of the product from the user manual.
* Eco granite pots, which are very popular in every country and culture and made of granite material, allow you to have a pleasant time in the kitchen while cooking.
* It is very easy to use thanks to its ability to spread the base heat evenly over the entire surface and its non-stick base even without using any oil.
* You can get help from metal, wood and silicone products that do not have sharp edges to stir your food during cooking.
* Thanks to its soft, stain-free surface, you can easily use the product in your hand and machine.
* Our Eco granite series is made entirely of pure aluminum.