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Granite Deep Saucepan 22 cm

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* It is a magmatic depth mass known for its granular appearance, formed by the combination of hard and crystalline minerals.
* Granite.
* Having entered the kitchen sector in the recent past, it both created a revolution and made the time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable.
* The 22 cm granite deep pot, which allows the work in the kitchen to progress faster, does not contain carcinogenic substances.
* Unlike porcelain pans, dishwasher-safe granite pans are also very resistant to scratches.
* In this way, it can be used for many years with peace of mind.
* The 22 cm granite deep pan, which cooks your meals with the power it gets from granite, preserves the heat more.
* Thus, your food can wait for a long time without cooling.
* In addition, the honeycomb texture on the floor allows meals to be cooked more delicious.