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Gastronomie Granite Deep Saucepan-20 Cm -veda

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* Nature is Important in Our Life
* This Very Special Series Made Of Recycled Paper Even The Package Of The Product From The User Manual On Behalf Of Protecting The Nature And Setting Out From This Idea
* Eco Granite Pots, which are very popular in every country and culture and made of granite material, allow you to spend a pleasant time in the kitchens while cooking.
* It is very easy to use thanks to its ability to spread the base heat evenly over the entire surface and its non-adhering base even without using any oil.
* You can get help from metal, wood and silicone products that are not sharp-edged to mix your food during cooking.
* You can use the product easily by hand and in your machines thanks to its soft stain-free surface.
* Our Eco Granite Series is Made of Pure Aluminum.