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Aksu-1155 Seden Casserole Pressure Cooker 5 Liter

80,500 ID $61.78 $53.66
Location: (Delivery Time: 10 days - 15 days)


* With pressure that allows you to cook healthy meals that preserve their nutritional value
* The pot model comes to your door quickly with the assurance of the crown.
* The pressure cooker with a stainless steel body is suitable for daily use.
* Thanks to its strong steam pressure, it cooks delicious and healthy meals.
* Preserves the nutritional value of your meals and provides a suitable cooking environment.
* It will dazzle your eyes with its shiny outer surface.
* High temperature resistant,
* Crowned casserole pressure cooker with a stainless outer surface
* Prepare delicious meals.
* Technicial Specifications