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Titanium Elegance 28 cm Wok Pan 9100028884

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* Tefal titanium elegance wok pan 28 cm
* Tefal elegance is an easy-to-use and high-performance pan and pot series designed to meet your daily cooking needs.
* The new thermo-Spot® system provides excellent results by specifying the ideal temperature to start cooking, while the easy-to-clean titanium force coating provides extra adhesion for longer.
* Designed for generous portions full of flavor, elegance has a comfortable handle for easy handling and a deep shape for hearty meals to satisfy the whole family.
* Compatible with all types of hobs (gas, electricity, ceramics) except induction.
* Suitable for all types of hobs, except induction, for delicious results every day.
Generous portions, designed for delicious and satisfying meals
* Longer lasting adhesion performance with new titanium force coating
* When the pan reaches the ideal temperature, the thermo-Spot® indicator turns completely red and shows the ideal temperature for perfect sealing.
* Ideal for daily use, providing effortless cleaning and 100% harmless interior and exterior non-stick coating