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Navy Blue Genuine Suede Inside Fur Children's Boots 186001

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  • Manufacturer: Pegia
  • Internal Material: Genuine Fur
  • Exterior Material: Genuine Suede Tier Height: 2 cm
  • Product Height: 12 Cm * This product is handcrafted.
  • * You may squeeze your feet for a while due to the dense fur inside the product, furs will sit and take the shape of your feet.
  • We recommend you to consider this detail when choosing your size.
  • Shoes are very important for children's foot development.
  • Especially in the Developmental Age, Soles need to wear sturdy shoes for healthy development.
  • These models meet children's needs in the best way thanks to their natural structure.
  • Children's Boots with Various Color Options are Among the Most Preferred Models in Winter.