Nuk 2-in-1 Fever Meter

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Nuk 2´Si 1-in-1 Fever Meter Nuk 2-in-1 Fever Meter is one of the devices that closely concerns the health of babies. Nuk 2-in-1 Fever Meter, which both simplifies the work of the mother and gives detailed information about the fever condition of the babies, offers very functional design features. Especially for babies who constantly face the risk of getting cold or firing in the winter, this product is a must. The device that measures both forehead and in-ear fever is extremely effective in practicing both functions practically. Nuk 2-in-1 Fire Meter, produced as user-oriented, is produced from materials compatible with babies' delicate skin. Nuk Fire Meter with its Innovative Design The Nuk Fire Meter Device models, which are designed with functional and elegant details, have a cover on the end of the product for protection purposes. When the product is not in use, this cover ensures that the sensitive tip is protected, preventing any impact. Nuk Fire Meter, produced with a completely innovative design, is designed in a very functional structure, although it has very small dimensions. Nuk Fever Meter measures the most accurate fever measurement in seconds and presents the result of this measurement to the user correctly. Thus, in case of any serious fever, the baby is offered the opportunity to intervene easily. Since the product has an LCD screen, it becomes easier to see the measurement result. If the result is at normal fever, green light is on the tip of the thermometer. The functionality of the product is not limited to measuring the baby's fever. You can also measure the room temperature, the temperature of the baby food and the temperature of the bath water you want to wash the babies. Nuk Fever Meter Technical Specifications Product Type: Fever Meter Battery Indicator: Yes Measurement Memory: 25 Records High Fever Alarm: Yes Light Display: Yes What is in the Nuk Heat Meter Packaging? Nuk 2 in 1 Fire Meter is offered in its original packaging. Lithium battery and practical stand are also offered to the user in the package. From the moment the product is removed from its packaging, it is ready for use without the need for an extra installation. About Nuk Nuk is a company that has been operating in the mother and baby sector for more than 32 years and has taken its place among reliable companies. The brand continues to be one of the leading companies in the mother and baby industry with its many years of experience, after-sales service opportunities, dealership network and high quality products. Functional Designs Effective in Baby Health Nuk 2-in-1 Fire Meter gives the most accurate results thanks to its sensitive measurement capability. Babies, which are usually moody during the temperature measurement, now allow a comfortable measurement of the temperature thanks to the precise temperature measurement model. Since it allows you to measure in two different ways, you have the opportunity to compare the measurement value taken from the ear with the measurement value taken from the forehead part. LCD display warns green light for normal values ​​and red light for high and critical size values.