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You don’t have to stay in the kitchen for hours anymore! This compact product takes up about the same space of an average toaster and will help you prepare great meals easily and fast. You can prepare snacks or a delicious meal with beef, vegetables, and fish in only few minutes. The constant rotation will grill and roast food from all sides and will allow the fat to drip into a special tray which can be easily cleaned. My Rotisserie is very easy to use, just fill the basket or the skewers with your favorite food and enjoy the great taste at your own home!
• similar to a normal roaster
• constant rotation
• automatic timer
• heat insulated handles
• dishwasher safe
Preheating the Unit:
• Before placing food into the unit, ensure that the motor is on off position.
• Close the glass door securely before turning on the heat.
• Turn timer to desired preheating time.
Cooking or Reheating Food:
• Make sure the basket and unit are securely assembled.
• Plug unit into outlet.
• Place food in basket and cover basket tightly.
• Turn timer to desired time.
Shutting Down:
• Turn the timer dial to 0 (OFF).
• A bell indicates that the unit is off and the POWER light should turn off.
• Unplug the base unit before removing the basket.
• My Rotisserie Roaster
• Glass lid
• Roasting basket with handle
• Skewer
• Fry tumbler
• Resting racket
• User manual
• Recipe booklet