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Plaid Trench Coat TSD5953 Khaki

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Fabric Feature: It is produced from Bondik + Plaid fabric.
Product Feature: It is the new season Plaid Trench Coat model. It has no button and no lining. There is a removable belt on the waist. There are usable pockets on both sides. It has plaid details behind it. There may be a tone difference due to the concept shots in the product color.
Washing Instruction: It can be washed without spinning at 30 degrees.
38 size on the mannequin
38 Sizes
Product Length: 130 cm Chest: 88 cm Waist: 90 cm buttocks: 100 cm
Model Dimensions
Length: 174 cm Bust: 85 cm Waist: 67 cm buttocks: 99 cm
There is an average of 3 or 4 cm difference between sizes.