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Schafer SHF-6000 Square Bone 85 Pieces Dining Set for 12

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With its stagnation of the point, the fluidity of the line and the movement that oval leaves bring to the design, Kare Bone Series which gives us a great dining experience, is a product that never goes out of fashion. With its shiny surface, elegant fineness and unique patterns, it's the kind that everyone would like to have.

Square Bone Series 6000

Set Content:

12 Piece Service Plate 28 cm

12 Piece Dinner Plate 23 cm

12 Piece Cake Plate 21 cm

12 Pieces Soup Bowl 16 cm

6 Pcs Coffee Cup 90 cc

6 Pcs Coffee Cup Saucer

6 Pieces Teacup 180 cc

6 Teacup Platter

2 Piece Kayak Platter 31 cm

1 Piece Kayak Plate

1 Piece Sosluk 400 cc

1 Piece of Sauce Plate 25 cm

1 Piece of Salad Bowl

1 + 1 Soup Pot (with lid) 4000 cc

2 pieces of pepper shakers

2 Pieces Salt Shaker

1 Piece Napkin