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86 Piece Nbl Bone China Platinum Lines Square Dining Set.

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Product Name: Platin-Life-902-86-Piece-Bone-China-Eating

Product Description: Nbl Bone China Platinum Lines Square Dining Tk.

Product Detail: 12 Serving Plates (27 cm) 12 Dish Plates (22 Cm) ​​12 Piece Plates (19 cm) 12 Soup Bowls (14 cm) 12 Teacups And Saucers (250Cc) 12 Coffee Cups And Saucers (114Cc) 1 Piece Salad Bowl (23 Cm) 2 Small Serving Plates (26 Cm) 1 Piece Big Serving Plate (31 Cm) 1 Piece Soup Pot And Lid (3300Cc) 2 Pieces Sauce And Saucer (350Cc) 2 Pieces 0.06Cc) 2 Pieces Pepper Shakers (0,06Cc) 1 Pcs Toothpicks (0,06) 2 Pcs Napkin Holder (10 Cm) Bone Porcelain Product Features: Hygienic True Color, Transparency, Grace And Brightness In Terms Of Bone Porcelain Lead And Cadmium Not Higher It is baked at 1370 degrees and it has a much longer life. It is better glazed and it is more durable against scratches, acid effect. If it is used more, it does not lose its innovation, brightness and color tones.